5 common mistakes to avoid when hanging picture frames

So you've come to realise your walls are sad. They're bare or your current art collection is disjointed from the rest of your decor. Or maybe you've moved into a new home and decided to make a picture wall, or hang some art. 

If you've hung frames in places where there are already hooks, and they don't feel or look right, remove them, polyfill, touch up the wall and start again. Look at how your frames and art tie into your decor, furniture and the way your family lives and moves around the home. You want to use art as an integral part of your decor, to draw the attention of guests as they walk through your home, and to give you something to gaze at and admire - to make you feel a bit happier. 

We've tried to make finding stunning picture frame gallery sets easy by creating a range of high quality picture frame sets for your walls in pre-designed layouts. 

But even gorgeous frames can look tacky or misplaced if they're not hung correctly. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid so you can confidently create a gallery wall that looks like it's been styled by a pro. 

1. Spacing

Spacing frames too widely apart can make your display or walls look sparse. Too closely together can make them look cluttered. Aim for 2-3 inches between frames, and keep the spacing consistent across a collection as well as throughout your home. 

black wooden picture frame gallery set with music posters

2. Height

Frames hung too high or too low can separate them from the furniture making your decor scheme feel disjointed. Aim for 60 inches above floor height, or eye level. 

Read our blog about hanging pictures at the right height for tips about hanging pictures above a couch, bed and up a flight of stairs.  

3. Proportion

A small frame above a big sofa or on a large wall will stand out for the wrong reasons. Always go bigger. And if you can't go bigger, make a picture wall with a collection of frames or art. Ideally, a piece or art or gallery frame set should fit 2/3rds the width of the sofa or bed - whatever part of your furniture scheme you're trying to complement. 

silver picture wall gallery frame set

4. Positioning

Correctly hung wall art can create focal points in a room, or divide a room into zones. Try to avoid hanging frames on empty walls just to fill up space. Fiight the desire to always hang frames in the middle of a wall. Instead, centre frames on a wall overlooking your dining table. Make a display above a toilet cistern, opposite seating, above beds, opposite entryways or cascading down a flight of stairs at eye level, where they can always be admired. 

5. Picture Hooks

Our final tip is key. Using bulky picture hooks that crumble your walls, make your frames hang skew, or lift them away from the wall can completely ruin the desired effect. Use velcro picture hanging strips to secure your frames flush against the wall, with no nails and no damage. This will keep your display looking contemporary and sleek, and you won't have to keep tipping the frames back into position. Velcro hanging strips peel off without damage meaning you can change your display whenever you wish, without being confined to where there are already hooks! 

Read our blog on how to use velcro picture hanging strips, and show us your displays by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram @gallerywallshop. 

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