How to hang pictures without damaging walls

If you're someone who thinks that hanging frames is a DIY chore best put off until later, read on. This blog will hopefully inspire you to think of your wall decor as a central part of your decorating scheme, and one of the easiest tasks to pull off.

There are plenty of obvious reasons for wanting to hang pictures without using nails - the hassle, the mess, the tools required, the patchwork needed to repair the holes when you decide you want a change.

Aside from the chore of it, there are some practical reasons you might want to avoid the hammer, and some interior design tips to consider. 

1. If you rent, you're likely to be restricted by your landlord from hanging permanent fixtures like shelves, and have mighty 'make good' clauses in your tenancy agreement that'll mean a day of poly-filling, sanding and painting before you get your deposit back. 

2. If you own your home, you'll be the one concerned with making permanent damage to walls - or at least hesitant knowing you'll be the one who has to patch up anything you ruin! 

3. Wall decor shouldn't be fixed. It should be easy to change up with the seasons, when you're into a new colour or find a new artist you like. If you're decorating your baby's nursery, it won't be long before you're redecorating every couple of years to keep up with what your kids are into. And why not! Just changing the pictures inside your frames will keep your home looking modern and relevant to how you feel, or want to feel, in your home. 

4. Collages. Gallery and picture walls are a glorious trend that's here to stay. It should be an evolving focal point as you add, remove or change the layout to update your decor scheme. 

The solution is so simple that you'll never need a hammer, drill, wall plugs or nails again for hanging art. Command picture hanging strips are the simplest, most effective no-nail, no-damage method of hanging frames. 

They can hold a good amount of weight, and allow you to quickly hang frames without any tools required. They allow you to lift and adjust the frames after they've been attached, and simply pull off the walls without leaving a mark. 

Command picture hanging strips

The narrow strips work best for the majority of our frames. They are long and narrow, so won't peek out from the sides of your thin frames, and have enough strength to hold even heavy oil paintings. Click on the picture below or this link to buy Command Narrow Picture Hanging Strips, 4 pairs cheaply on Amazon. 

 Command Narrow Picture Hanging Strips, 4 pairs

Here's a pictorial guide on How To Use Picture Hanging Strips

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